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At Chainsaw Safety Manitoba we provide Accredited and Certified Chainsaw Safety Training and Certification.

Our Chainsaw Safety Certification and Maintenance Course is custom-designed for your individual needs. The course is designed for those who require employment certification or for those who would like more confidence when using their chainsaw for personal use.

This Chainsaw Safety Course accredited by Workplace Safety North enables participants to go home with an Accredited Certificate of Completion that can be used for employment purposes.

Seminars are all-inclusive. All of the chainsaws, materials, props, personal protective equipment, instructional videos, and handout materials are supplied by the instructor.

We also specialize in remote locations including northern First Nation communities.

Chainsaw Safety Certification & Maintenance Course

Ken Fosty, Certified Arborist and Workplace Safety North Accredited Professional Chainsaw Safety Instructor teaches a hands-on approach on how to operate your chainsaw safely.

Indoor classroom sessions include hands-on chainsaw disassembly, maintenance and sharpening with current safety videos and take home handouts.

Outdoor hands-on practical sessions using chainsaws completes the course.

This course provides valuable information teaching participants safe chainsaw handling practices including:

Personal protective equipment

Chainsaw disassembly and maintenance

Chainsaw sharpening

Hazards, chicots, widow makers

Chainsaw safety features

Storage and fuel/oil utilization

Proper starting techniques and safe operating procedures

Compression/tension and spring poles

Kickback, pull-in and pushback forces

Notching, felling, limbing and bucking techniques

Supervised hands-on use and practical mechanics on real chainsaws

Brushsaw Safety Certification & Maintenance Course

This Brushsaw Safety Course is available as an add-on to the Chainsaw Safety Course. All equipment including brushsaws are supplied.

Instruction includes hands-on brush saw operation, safety and maintenance.

A very popular add-on course for employment purposes.

About The Instructor

Ken Fosty is a Workplace Safety North Recognized & Accredited Certified Professional Chainsaw Safety Instructor.

Ken is a fully licensed Certified Arborist with over 40 years of professional experience in the forestry field. He teaches a hands-on approach on how to operate your chainsaw safely.

Ken provides chainsaw safety certification training to numerous groups including: First Nations, Industry, Municipal workers, Government Agencies, Universities and Colleges, Non-Government Organizations, Conservation Districts, Hydro, CN, Rural Communities and interested landowners.

Ken instructs extensively in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

We specialize in remote locations including northern First Nation communities.

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To find out more or for inquiries, contact Ken Fosty at:

590 Rupertsland Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2V 0H4
Phone: 204-963-2209
Email: kenfosty@shaw.ca

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